Dancing on the Train Tracks

With the advent of Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Wedding Blogs, etc... I had so much inspiration to choose from when it came to picking a theme for our Engagement Photos. I decided that I wanted a vintage vibe and loved the idea of traintracks in the background. In order to save money, I asked my best friend Mandi ever so sweetly if she could borrow a really nice camera from her work and take our pictures. She graciously agreed and even did a bit of practice shooting before our session! She is so sweet!

I am so happy that Mandi was our photographer because we were so comfortable with her and she had great ideas of how to pose us! A note about the dress I am wearing in the photos, I actually bought it the morning of our photoshoot. Mandi convinced me that I HAD to wake up at 6am with her so that we could camp out at Target for the Jason Wu collection. I really mostly thought she was crazy, but she's my Best Friend so I had to support her. I am so glad that she convinced me to go because I think it was the most perfect dress for the occasion. I felt very classy 50's housewife!


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