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Happy Monday, Dear Readers!

I don't know about all of you brides, but I have so many things floating around in my head that I am starting to go a little crazy. So, I am going to list my current to do list (Wedding and other) in order to hold myself accountable and to hear any tips from any lovely readers out there! I am having some major anxiety about things to do in the next couple of months...

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Now that the Wedding is 40 days away things are really picking up!

Urgent (Need to do this week!)
1. Send out rest of Invitations (Some addresses took longer to get)
2. Go try on Wedding Bands with Stephen
3. Buy Wedding Bands
4. Pick Ceremony Music and e-mail Organist
5. Call Police Department for information on reception security
6. Order Bulk Flowers from Sam's Club
7. Put together Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts
8. Get a spray tan
9. Find a Bridal Shower Dress
10. Finally decide on a DJ
11. Get a birthday present for Sister
12. Clean Apartment for Family's arrival
13. Make sure Stephen gets his passport
14. Drop dress off for alterations

Less Urgent
15. E-mail church about programs
16. Figure out ailse decorations for church
17. Take Bridal Portraits (Scheduled for June 22)
18. Figure out Table Decorations
19. Get a Guestbook
20. Design rehearsal dinner menu
21. Design Wedding Menu
22. Create a Monogram Burlap Banner for Bar
23. Print out pictures of Stephen and I for entrance table
24. Create Seating Chart
25. Create Seating Cards
26. Put together a bathroom basket for ladies and men's restrooms
27. Purchase bridal party gifts
28. Buy a garter
29. Pick wedding jewelry
30. Create Reception "Program"
31. Create Love Story Poster
33. Create Table Numbers
34. Print and pickup all paper goods (Rehearsal Dinner Menu, Wedding Menu, Seating Cards, Reception Program, Love Story Poster, Table Numbers)
35. Get a decorative basket or box for cards (maybe a vintage suitecase)
36. Purchase parent gifts
37. E-mail caterer number of guests attending
38. Design PicFlip Flipbook covers
39. Get a couple of summery dresses for the honeymoon
40. Book a couple of fun excursions on our cruise
41. Write Thank You Notes
42. Plan out events for Wedding Week
43. Get a marriage certificate

Week of Wedding
44. Get a mani and pedi with bridesmaids
45. Put together bridesmaid bouquets, boutoniers, centerpieces
46. Decorate the church
47. Decorate the reception
48. Have a wedding?!


After Honeymoon
50. Organize Gifts
51. Send out Thank You Notes
52. Change Name

Oh my goodness, that is a LONG list... Here's to hoping I can get everything done before the wedding!

Did I forget anything?


  1. Ahh 40 days!?? How exciting and I am sure stressful... I love to do lists and checking things off when I have done them. I used my iPhone for all my lists now... It's really easy. :)
    Good luck!! :)


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