In N Out

The title of this post describes how this weekend felt, and also fitting that I also had my first In N Out burger! Did it live up to the hype?? The burger was actually delicious!! I had a plain cheeseburger with grilled onions, and it was probably my favorite fast food burger ever. The fries...just meh for me. I would definitely go back though, I can see why people love this place :)

This weekend, I was In N Out of my hometown with my BFF and her BF. Woke up super early on Saturday morning (we're talking 5am) to shower and get myself ready for bridal portraits. Then, put on my dress and my entourage and I (Mom, Sister, Brother's GF, and my BFF) were to our local park by 8am.

I am so glad they all came, because having multiple people giving me posing ideas was so helpful. I am no model, so the beginning poses felt awkward and forced, but once I started it was a breeze. We took the normal shots of me alone with my dress, but then we styled up a vintage picnic complete with teacups, vintage handkerchiefs, candlesticks, and old books. Those shots are my absolute favorites and I cannot wait to share them!

Maybe i'll edit the photos to give a sneak peek without revealing my dress.

Happy Monday and hope your week is fantastic!


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