My Etsy Wedding Pretties

If you saw my post here you'll know that I love the idea of a Vintage meets Modern wedding. My BFF, Etsy, has helped me find some really great items that I will now show you!

LOVE this cake topper from Better Off Wed. So unique and different. When it arrived at my mom's house she called me and said... So pretty, but why would you want something that says "We Da"?? I guess the tail of the "o" looks a little like an "a" but it doesn't bother me! I know what it says in my heart (is what I told her lol). No raining on my cute and unique parade!

Love these Mr. and Mrs. signs to hang off our chairs! So pretty and I am thinking about hanging them over our bed after the wedding. Wouldn't that be cute?

This hanger may be a bit of a frivolous purchase, but it is so pretty and you only get married once, right? That is what I told my fiance in response to "Why do you need a fancy hanger when you are only going to wear that dress once???" Ugh boys... At least I resisted the Mr. and Mrs. stamped fork set for feeding each other wedding cake. That was reeeeally hard. I have so much self control ;)

Finally a picture of my ring taken the night of our engagement. I love that it is so unique and delicate... just my style.

I had always wanted a round cut solitare diamond ring in a silver setting. That was it for me, I just always knew that would be my ring. Actually, Stephen and I went and tried on rings multiple times and I always only tried on the round cut, solitare, silver rings.

Then one day out of the blue I decided I liked rose gold and began to search online for one that I liked. I found this ring on Etsy and sent the link to Stephen begging for him to consider it (if he was considering proposing).

Every day after that I would stalk the shop Eidel Precious because when a person bought a ring, she usually put up a custom listing that said "Reserved for .....". One day when I was stalking her site I saw that it say "Reserved for Stephen" and it was just the ring that I sent him! I could not believe it! I just knew that it was my Stephen. I went crazy and showed all of my friends telling them, "That is my Stephen! He is going to propose!!!". It turns out I was right and he did end up proposing with the exact ring I had been bugging him about.

Now we are getting married in one month! Eeek, can't wait!

Have any of you bought anything from Etsy for your wedding??


  1. I've just stumbled on to your blog and want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement first of all. The story about your ring is so funny and sweet, I'm glad you shared it

  2. Hahah thanks! After I showed him that link, I was so worried that I wouldn't like it as much in person as I did online and it would end up being a very expensive mistake. Luckily I ended up loving it more in person!


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