Turn a Mason Jar into a Travel Mug and Weekend Update

Happy Wednesday Readers! Sorry I have been MIA, my weekend was so busy so I had to get my rest during the start of the week.

This weekend was my Bridal Shower! Oh my goodness, my sweet Bridesmaids really went all out! I could not believe how much time they must have spent decorating, making things, and putting everything together. It really made me feel special and loved. I should have some pictures to post later this week, but just know that it was the cutest gray and yellow shower you ever did see. And I was so happy that my mom and sister got to meet all of my friends! They loved everyone and, though they always want me to move closer to home, they realized why Stephen and I love it so much in Dallas... we have amazing friends!

Now for a change of subject, if you love mason jars (I do!) you will think this thing is just about the coolest thing ever! It is called The Cuppow and it is a plastic cover that you can put on your mason jar to make it into a travel cup. Definitely thinking about ordering one.


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