August Goals

Hello Readers!

I have been super busy since the wedding getting back in the swing of things, and in order to get focused again I think it will be helpful for me to list my goals on here to make sure I have some sort of accountability.

I love everything I do for Cooper Jane Design, but if i'm not careful I can definitely slip into couch potato mode. I think having a list to refer back to will really help me kick things in gear for fall. This gorgeous headboard is part of the list!

1. Make sure I make time for the Hubster: I have a full time job on top of everything that I do for Cooper Jane Design, so balancing all of the work and still making time for him, friends, and family is a top priority for me. He has been the best Husband I could ask for, and I couldn't do everything I do without him!

2. Keep on Creating: A lot of my time is spent working on designs that have been purchased, but my favorite thing is to create new designs. This month I am working on a Wedding Mad Libs card, Kitchen Shower Invitation, and matching Recipe Cards. Hopefully I will be able to roll out these new designs by the end of the month!

3. Organize and update our home: We were so blessed to receive many wonderful wedding presents, but now I feel like the walls are closing in on us! I want to go through everything and donate the things we don't need or use anymore to help keep our house clutter free.

4. Make a Fabric Headboard with the assistance of the Hubs: Saw this on pinterest today and fell in love. We just bought a new king size mattress yesterday and so I am loving this idea for the bedroom! If you are reading this, babe... this could be my birthday present!
Let's start small... I think four goals is definitely accomplishable! Wish me luck!


  1. Hey ashey it's Lindsey (bean) I love your blog it's so cute and fun

  2. Thanks Lindsey (bean)! I am so glad you like it! Love you sister :)


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