Cooper Jane Design Gift Guide {Lively Libations}

So this Sunday my baby brother is turning 21!

I can't believe he is already that old... we are growing up so fast! While I was searching for an awesome drinking related birthday gift for him, I came across all of these super cute, cheeky drinking gifts for girls. Why couldn't my sister be turning 21 right now... so much cuter! Lol, jk.

I thought I would share my wonderful finds with you guys, so that you could give the perfect drinking gift when the occasion arises. Though I would love to receive these at any time... just sayin!

1. Miss Lillian's Cocktail Swatchbook - not your average cocktail recipe book! Colorful, fun, and fabulous!
2. Skinny Girl Margarita - I LOVE my Skinnygirl Margaritas. I salt my glass and enjoy these on the rocks with chips and guacamole at home. Makes me feel like I went to a fun mexican restaurant, and only 100 cals per serving!
3. Handle Bar Wine Opener - Adorable! Who wouldn't love to receive this?
4. Winestein Glass - Interesting take on a wine glass... you don't touch the wine glass itself, so your wine stays chilled for longer!
5. Penguin Cocktail Shaker - Just fun!
6. Rock Candy - Hosting a cocktail party? Add these to your drinks for a fun splash of color and sweetness!


  1. Haha ash but I won't be turning 21 for a while but maybe you could buy it for Ryan's girlfriend Lindsey - love Lindsey


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