Ikea Shopping Day!

A couple of weekends ago my best friend and I hit up Ikea for a shopping day! I hadn't had a chance to post pictures, but here are the finds that I am currently obsessing over:

Isala Coffee Table So cute and I love that it is gray!
This would be a perfect neutral backdrop for coffee table decorations!

 Hemnes Glass Door Cabinet The shade of wood is hard to see in this picture (sorry, phone pic!) but it is a gray-brown stain and the wood grain shows through. It is so beautiful and timeless; I could definitely see myself putting our wedding china and other pretties in this thing.

 Isala Sideboard OMG perfect for the living room to set our TV on... aaand it has closable doors to hide all of the hubster's video games. I'm totally sold.

Alang Floor Lamp No room for them now, but when we move I think they would be a perfect addition to the back of the couch for a reading lamp. If you can't tell, I love neutral furniture in our home. I just love a simple base that you can add pops of color to with accessories. (That is also how I dress myself...lol)

Did I purchase any of these items?


I LOVE to shop, but with furniture I am not a spur of the moment kind of girl. I have to mull it over for a week or so to decide if I really neeeeed it.

Most of the time the answer is...Heck Yes You Do! Go back right now!


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