Virtual Wedding Planner: Second Edition

Happy Hump Day, Dear Readers!

Today I present to you the second edition of Virtual Wedding Planner: A Sweetly Rustic event.

Sadly my Wedding Day is over... but that doesn't mean I can't still plan for others! If I could have another wedding, I think I would definitely go with a feel like this. To me this says, I'm stylish but simple... thoughtful not fussy... honest and sweet.

I could see this event filled with adorable little details like mason jar drinks with paper straws... candles sprinkled about... a homemade photo booth... ahhh, a girl can dream...

Mr. and Mrs. Rustic Ring Box

Burlap Wrapped Greenery

Ribbon Tie Chair

I Do - Me Too Forks

Well if not for me... Maybe for you!?

E-mail with ideas or themes you would like to see for the next edition of Virtual Wedding Planner!


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