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Hello Dear Readers!

These past few weeks have been crazy and I see no signs of slowing down in the near future! Do you enjoy being busy all of the time or do you prefer to have free weekends to laze away? I would love to have the best of both worlds... but i'm always saying "Next month will be better... I'll have free time then..." to no avail. What a problem to complain about though... I have too many friends who want to hang out with me. I know, right... quit complaining Ashley!

I received a wonderful gift from some friends recently that has literally CHANGED MY LIFE. With life going a million miles an hour... Full Time Job, Cooper Jane Design Work, Husband, Family, Friends... I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I am normally absolutely terrible at keeping up with a planner, but I received one for my birthday that is so perfect that now I am addicted to scheduling!

My lifesaver is a 2012 Life Planner from

First off, I LOVE that you can upload your own photo. I'm a big fan of personalization.

Second, my friends ordered me the 18 month planner so this baby can last for awhile! Thank you guys!!

Third, in addition to just being an awesome planner (super cute monthly pages, and spacious weekly pages), it comes with a ton of stickers for all different occasions so that you can emphasize different dates. It also comes with a removable ruler that is great for keeping track of what week you are on.

Fourth, if you are a person that uses your planner as a carryall, this is perfect for you. There is a folder in the back where you can keep photos, receipts, bills, etc... and also a clear plastic pouch to keep smaller things you don't want to fall out.

Needless to say, I am a big fan and will probably be ordering one of these for the rest of my life!


  1. thanks for the great post and thrilled that you love your planner! enjoy!


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