Target Top 5

Did a little lunchtime shopping today at Target and here are my Top 5 picks of the day!

1. Tuxedo Flats
(Obvi I Love these since I posted here about how I bought them and feel like a fairy)

2. Squirrel Cookie Jar: In Stores Only
(Adorable! I tried finding it online but alas it does not exist on Still so fun though if you stumble upon it in stores)

3. Owl Candle
(Combining two of my favorite things: owls and candles! I would not be burning this baby though, too cute!)

4. Paper Straws
(Agh, I can finally jump on the paper straw band wagon! I love these but wasn't going to order them online and pay shipping to have this little luxury.)

5. Moustache and Lips Swizzle Sticks
(Perfect for a cozy cocktail party! Who am I kidding, I would prob use these around the house all the time...)


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