Happy Monday Dear Readers! {Is there such a thing? Maybe.}

Today I bring you my weekend via Instagram. Stephen and I had a jam packed weekend, but even so I still got tons of sleep {yes!} and quality time with him.

{Friday} Stephen grilled chicken and steak kabobs. Amazing. In a word. Though Steak > Chicken.

{Saturday} Did a little shopping, attended an afternoon wedding, had some post wedding cocktails, went to a 30th birthday dinner, ended with a fun hangout at a bar called The Usuals, drove home in a ca-razy thunderstorm that litterally made me want to cry :(

{Sunday} Slept late and it was glorious. Stephen snuck out and brought back the paper and breakfast in bed. He is the best. We normally don't read the paper, but this sunday was special. Our article in the Dallas Morning News came out yesterday. It's called True Romance: Creativity keeps this couple together and you can read it here if you so wish. All ya need is Love... and a little Creativity ;)


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