Marry Me Monday #2: Surviving a Bridal Show

Photo of the Hubs and I by the amazingly talented Highdot Studios

Happy Monday Readers and welcome back for another edition of Marry Me Monday!

Today we are talking all about Bridal Shows... the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bridal Shows sound like the holy grail of wedding info, but if you're not careful they can actually leaved you exhausted and overwhelmed. You walk in the door filled with excitement of what you may find, and soon you're mauled by hundreds of sweet wedding vendors all wanting you to drink their kool-aid. If you're a "Yes" woman like me, it can be hard to not speak with every person telling you why their business is best... and that can take all day. So hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your day at the show!

First, let's start with why you SHOULD go to your local bridal show: there are some amazing perks!

Perk # 1: Free Bridal Magazines
If you have never purchased a bridal magazine before, they can run you around $5 each. Not anything crazy expensive, but still dollars that you can save for something else. At the bridal show I attended this past weekend I picked up not one, but three bridal mags and didn't have to spend one penny!

Perk # 2: Swag

This past weekend I picked up a few nail files courtesy of The Knot and at a show I went to last year I got some adorable "I Do" rhinestone shoe applique's. These would make for such a cute wedding photo op! I completely forgot I had them otherwise I would have used them at my own wedding. The vendors at the show are dying for you to have a reason to love their business more than others, so most hand out free goodies to sway you. Love this part of a Bridal Show!

Perk # 3: Informative Takeaways
The most important things you will receive at a bridal show: the information. The takeaways are so useful because they can quickly jog your memory as to why you wanted to use a certain vendor. You don't have to take notes or snap a picture, all you have to do is grab one of the fancy flyers and rest assured that you will be able to contact the lady with the beautiful brooch bouquets or the mansion that would be perfect for your venue.

Now for some tips on how to get through the day without going crazy from information overload!

Tip# 1: Make a list of things you need beforehand
No need to speak to every vendor at the show! Only stopping by the booths that pertain to your wedding needs will cut down on the amount of people you talk to and flyers you receive.

Tip #2: Bring your own address labels
Pretty much every vendor will have a form for you to fill out for a giveaway. Absolutely love this, but it can be very time consuming to fill out a million little forms. As a frequenter of bridal shows, the insiders know that bringing your own address labels is a great way to cut down on the amount of writing. Some bridal shows even sell labels at the door, but save yourself some dough and bring your own!

Tip # 3: Have a response ready for the vendors you are not interested in
As you walk down the aisle, even if you don't stop at a specific booth the vendors will try to get your attention to bring you in. If you take one look at the booth and know you don't want what their selling, just say "That's ok... I already have my venue/ photographer/ baker". I think it's the easiest and quickest way to let them down easy and move on to the next booth.


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