Marry Me Monday # 4: My Wedding Part II

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to the 4th edition of Marry Me Monday! Today I will be telling you Part II of my Wedding Story. When we left off last Monday, I had just arrived at the church and was slipping into my wedding dress...

when just a couple hours earlier, Stephen and his groomsmen were also preparing for the walk down the aisle. It was such a fun surprise to see these photos to see what the boys had been doing all morning. I was running around like a crazy bride, with my nerves all a wreck... and Stephen looked cool as a cucumber! 
So handsome!! Loved the slight side part Stephen had going on that day.

Stephen reading the love note I wrote for him (Mine was not nearly as long and eloquent as his, but still very heartfelt!)... I also gifted him with a Nook so that he could read all of his favorite books on the beach for our honeymoon. He loved it!

When the bridesmaids started lining up, my stomach started twisting in knots and it kind of felt like I was going uphill on a roller coaster, no looking back now!

The walk down the aisle was so surreal, since I had been looking forward to this day for years! Seeing all of our loved ones gathered to celebrate our love was so overwhelming and of course I started to tear up. One of our family friends was actually recording the whole ceremony and gave us the video on a flash drive as a wedding present. LOVED this and was so grateful to be able to watch it again with the hubs.

Stephen's was the first face that I looked for because I remember in some cheesy romantic comedy movie some character said they always looked at the groom's face when he first sees his bride because it was so emotional and romantic. That stuck with me for some reason, and it melted my heart to see how happy he was.

Once I got to the end of the aisle I remember feeling complete... like I finally reached him after such a long journey and never wanted to leave his side again. Our ceremony was beautiful, but so long that I started shaking and was worried I might faint! Luckily, Stephen and I knelt in prayer towards the end of the service and I re-gained my balance. Definitely should NOT have worn my super cute high heeled peep toe shoes. The pain was not worth the cuteness, especially since my dress covered them up anyways.

You may Kiss the Bride! Agh... I remember feeling such disbelief that I was now a Wife!

After the ceremony, everyone gathered outside of the church to mingle and celebrate! Slowly family gathered back inside the church to take photos. Our photographers (the super talented Sarah and Clint Walker of Highdot Studios) were so organized and compiled a list of everyone that would be needed for the family photos. They read off the list as they went to get all of the photos taken as quickly and efficiently as possible. I was so appreciative of the organization on such a chaotic day!

On our way to take bridal party pictures! Stephen was the best, he was even more worried about my dress getting dirty than I was. We headed to a nearby park that had a huge empty field with a gorgeous tree line in the background.

Jumping for Joy! Our friends were so fun and down for anything... I'll be back next Monday with pictures from our bridal party session. Spoiler alert: There is even one with zombies in it... look forward to that people!


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