Marry Me Monday # 5: Our Wedding Part III

Good Morning Monday! Hope your weekend was filled with laughter and rest! Welcome back for the fifth edition of Marry Me Monday and the last installment about my Wedding. Whew... I didn't realize there was so much to tell!

When you last left me, our bridal party had just gathered at a local park for pictures. Highdot Studios was able to keep us posing nonstop, always coming up with a new idea that looked great! I definitely recommend searching through Pinterest in order to find some must have shots that you know you don't want to miss. Then either write them down, or e-mail them to your photographer so that they know exactly what to do.

I believe here, they said to pose how we thought the guys would pose. Clearly we got it down.

Someone threw out the word Zombie, and we were off! I was laughing so hard running away from them that 
I ended up looking confused instead of scared hahah.


I was so happy to have beautiful pictures of Stephen and I together because prior to Wedding/ Engagement pictures we didn't have many good ones of just us two. I was smiling ear to ear when we got these back and I just kept thinking that our kids will look at these one day and hopefully get a sense of who we were.

The cake was beautiful, but the topper was NOT supposed to be those gorgeous white flowers. I had originally purchased a wooden sign that said "We Do" but two days before the wedding my mother put her foot down and said that she hated it. She (and apparently many others...) said it looked like "We Da" because the cursive "O" came down a little too low. I would have put up a fight, but I was already so exhausted at that point.

These flowers were another disaster that got fixed in a hurry. I had ordered enough hydrangeas for all of the tables from Sam's Club but because we put them in a way too cold walk in cooler they all died the day before our wedding. Talk about freak out, I was wound a little bit too tight that week and I just cried and cried over my beautiful hydrangeas. Luckily my family is awesome and ran all over town for to find white flowers to replace them. Another crisis averted! I would totally order flowers from Sam's Club again, I just wouldn't put them in a walk in cooler. Storing them in a refrigerator or even just in buckets of water in your home would work so much better! 

Instead of a guestbook, we had a guest canvas for everyone to sign and leave a sweet message. I found a canvas similar to this on Etsy and thought, "Oh... I can make that!! Easy". Wrong. Thanks to my MOH it only took about six hours to cut and glue all of the hearts on the canvas. Totally worth it though. It hangs in the front entry of our home now and looks GORG.

Our food was a buffet line with pork loin, rosemary potatoes, and green beans. It was actually delicious despite our caterer being a crazy person later and having to be escorted off the premises by the security guards. Long story which I will not go into, but I was thanking God that our venue required police officer security guards for parties larger than 100 people. Weddings bring out the crazy in people, I think!

After all that mess was sorted out, it was time to cut the cake! Luckily my sweet groom didn't smear it too badly on my face.

The dancing was my FAVORITE part of the day. I absolutely love dancing already, so hearing all of my favorite songs while dancing with all of my favorite people was honestly the best!

Our wedding favors were these adorable flipbooks from a company that my best friend works for. PicFlips will come to your wedding and take a seven second video of your guests and turn it into a book that you can flip to see the motions you were doing. It is so much fun and an awesome thing for your guests to take home to remember your big day. The company has many locations throughout the country so I HIGHLY recommend them for your reception. Such a fun twist on a traditional photo booth!

When it was time to leave I was sad to say goodbye to all of our friends and the best day of my life, but beyond ready for a beach, cocktails, and relaxation. I completely understand why people take a honeymoon after a wedding... after all that stress you get to enjoy what this whole shebang was all for: each other.


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