Project Research

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope your week has been as productive as mine!

Today I am putting on my thinking cap and doing some research using these lovely magazines I received at the Dallas Bridal Show this past weekend. Bridal Shows can be a wonderful resource for the newly engaged  bride as you can find information for every facet of a wedding all at once... but this can also be incredibly overwhelming and exhausting. A million vendors all asking for your contact information, trying to lock you down for an appointment at their bakery/ bridal shop/ venue/ etc. Kind of a nightmare for the indecisive bride or girl who can't say no. [ahem... I fell under both of these categories. ha.]

So bride to bride, next week on Marry Me Monday I'll be sharing my guide to surviving a bridal show. Why they're great, what you need to know before you go, and how to get out alive. [you think i'm joking, but i'm not...]

Have a great weekend, enjoy the Superbowl Commercials!


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