Tour of Austin

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I am just getting back home from an extended weekend in the Austin area and wanted to share a bit of what I saw. It's funny because I grew up about 45 minutes away, but I moved to Dallas as soon as I graduated high school so I had never experienced the wonder of Austin. I say wonder because everything that I saw was so incredibly unique/ modern/ cool. The city charmed me and I honestly hope that I get to move there one day. 

On Sunday night, Stephen and I stopped by a food truck park downtown that was organized by Paul Qui from Top Chef. I have a weakness for food trucks and these did not disappoint! I ate a chicken and waffle, a few bites of Stephen's duck tacos, and an Asian creation from the East Side King's truck (don't remember what it was called, but it tasted amazing! This is Top Chef Paul's food truck from before he went on the show) After we finished eating, we walked to Rainey Street where I found the cutest collection of bars I have ever seen. The picture above is one of the houses on the street that had been converted into a bar. If you are looking for a relaxed and fun alternative to sixth street, go here!

On Monday morning Stephen and I woke up and had brunch at Kerby Lane (awesome local eatery) and then went on a Segway tour of the city. THIS WAS SO FUN!! I had been bugging Stephen about wanting to take one of these for a while, but he wasn't that interested so we put it off. Well, I finally convinced him to go on one with me in Austin and we had a blast! He ate his words and now wants to buy his own Segway to ride to school (yeah right, hon). If you are new to a city, I highly recommend taking a Segway tour because you get to see so much in a fun and exciting way. I wish we would have had more time to take in all of the cool sites we saw along the way!

After our two and a half hour tour, we ended at another food truck park and were given some free vouchers from the Segway Tour Company. These shrimp tacos were absolutely delicious and the perfect end to the afternoon. Had to come back home, but am already thinking about our next trip! #LoveAustin


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