Marry Me Monday # 10: Alternative Guestbook Idea

Happy Monday Loves, hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! I'll be telling you what I've been up to later this week, but for today I have something wonderfully sentimental to share with you. You see, when I was planning my big day I was incredibly ambitious and had big ideas of how I would do everything myself. I should have known that it would become a tad bit overwhelming BUT one of the things I am beyond happy I spent the extra time on was our Heart Guestbook Canvas. I wanted something for our guests to sign, but wasn't feeling anything traditional. I searched high and low and found a similar canvas on Etsy that I thought I could easily re-create. The one I found was $400 and that was definitely not in my budget so I set out to make my own. With the help of my Husband and MOH, we cut and glued all of the hearts in, you know... 8 HOURS! I was not expecting it to take that long but now I look back fondly at how frustrating cutting out those little hearts was. (Don't feel too bad for us, we did have a Cricut) The fact that I had the support of my favorite people in creating something I believed in meant the world to me. In my head, every frustrating heart we glued was like laying a brick in the foundation of our marriage. Yes, it took what seemed like forever but I will treasure those memories in my heart forever. Now the canvas is hanging in our entry hall and is a wonderful reminder of the support and love we have in our life.

A couple of my favs

What's the craziest thing you've done/ will do for your wedding?


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