#NewDesign: Modern Ombre Invites

Oh my goodness, how excited and proud I am this morning to unveil my latest design! I have been crushing on the Ombre trend for awhile now and thought this would be the perfect direction for a new suite. The whole set came together crazy fast. Like two days fast. Which is absolutely not normal for me, but I had an idea in my head on Friday morning and I literally couldn't stop until it was finished, printed, and photographed. Apologies to my poor husband who wanted to spend all afternoon watching Homeland BUT now I am ready to kick back and rest a bit. Ideas don't always flow so easy, so I've got to take advantage of them when they come! Anyways, I hope you love them as much as I do! If you are interested in purchasing any/ all of the designs just look here for the Invite and RSVP, and here for the whole suite.


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