Print Services Are Here!

Happy Thursday!! Just a quick pop-in today to tell you that I have FINALLY followed through on my New Years resolution to offer print services in the Cooper Jane Design shop. It has been a long road to finding the perfect paper, printer, envelopes, prices, etc.. but I am beyond happy with the product that I will be able to offer. If you are interested in design and/or printing services just e-mail me ( for more info! You can also look at a listing in my Etsy shop for prices and details.

The photo above is the Invitation Sample and Color Palette that I have for sale in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in print services, but want to see the quality first hand just order one of these and an Invitation Sample, Price Sheet, and Color Palette will be mailed to your door step. The Color Palette is especially helpful if you would like to see how the colors look printed out because they do vary from what is shown on a computer screen.

Have a great weekend lovelies! I will be leaving tomorrow morning for a trip home to visit my family. Can't wait!


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