On My Desk: Watercolor Wedding Invites

I created this set a few weeks ago but because summer has been so crazy I'm just now getting around to sharing them! I have been so in love with the watercolor trend that has been going around that I thought I'd try my hand at it and I'm so happy with the results.

How did I create these? Well, I took myself to the local Hobby Lobby and perused the painting section for about an hour (so many choices!!) and finally found a watercolor set and paintbrushes I liked. (Side Note: Hobby Lobby pretty much ALWAYS has a crazy awesome 40% off one item coupon. This definitely helps my "Ashley has an idea in her head and must get it done" shopping trips.) Then, I came home and just fiddled around with the colors and brushes until it looked pretty. I scanned my painting into the computer and then added the text and design elements. I think this is one of my favorite sets to date and I love it even more because I hand-painted them! Hope some brides out there love them too ;)


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