Bride Ideas

 A couple of months ago, my best friend in the world got engaged and I cannot tell you how happy I was. We had been planning our weddings as far back as I can remember and her dream was finally coming true! Fairy tale stuff right here. Well of course as her BFFL I had to get her a little something to celebrate. I set out on my shopping journey, just knowing I would find the perfect gift that said "YAY! You're a BRIDE and I am so happy for you! Here is xyz to celebrate!" but as I was shopping around I couldn't find anything cute and wedding related in the stores! A travesty, I know. After literally hours, I found an adorable wedding scrapbook at Barnes and Noble and paired it with the latest Martha Stewart Wedding Mag. She loved it (as did I), but I was still perturbed that it took hours to find a suitable present for a large category of people: newly engaged girls. That time is one of the happiest in a girl's life... you've found your soul mate and have been given the green light to plan that wedding you've been thinking about for literally ever. You're filled with dreams, ideas, and untapped wedding potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. As friends, all you want to do is shower them with love and happiness, which is often accompanied with a little token of your affection. ANYWHO... I decided that I would have to take it upon myself to fill a void in the gift giving world: presents for the newly engaged bride. That's why I came up with the Bride Ideas notepad. Such a simple idea, but actually an incredibly thoughtful gift that any bride can make use of. The notepad is listed in my Etsy shop here, with more gifts to follow soon hopefully! I especially love the "Assigned To" part... would have loved to rip off a sheet of tasks to give to my groom when I was engaged. Love you babe! ;)


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