Happy Thursday Bloggers! It has been a busy couple of weeks and I only just feel like it is slowing down. Here's what I've been up to:

Festivals: Stephen and I went to Oktoberfest (yes, my husband did wear casual suspenders hahaha) and our all time favorite festival: Grapefest. In the process, we've discovered that we are not really festival people lol. We absolutely love Grapefest because for $20 you can taste literally hundreds of wines, but other festivals are kind of a dime a dozen. Eat a corn dog, try some funnel cake, people watch... lather, rinse, repeat. There are of course exceptions, but I kind of like that we both agree on this subject and are growing together as we get older.

Travel: I still currently work part-time for a government consulting firm and took a trip to Ohio last week on their behalf. I visited the gorgeous town of Lancaster and happened upon rows and rows of beautiful houses. I felt like I was in Main Street, USA or on the set of a movie. Wish the houses in Texas had the character these houses had!

Design and Print: Ever since I unveiled my print services I have been a busy bee with gorgeous orders for lovely brides. I feel like I am this close to having all of my packaging collateral in order. Burlap, Twine, and Stamps... Oh my! I also have been working on Christmas designs to have them ready when the season is here. Love love love the holidays. 

Fun with friends: Had the best time riding on a party bus to the Maroon 5 / Kelly Clarkson concert with my BFF. That concert was sooo good and we all felt so fancy having drop off and pick up service. I've also had some dinners, happy hours, and craft nights with friends. So good to have girl time!

Hoping to photograph my new favorite dish to make: Sausage and Peppers Pasta and share that next week!


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