September Goals

I know it's a few days into September, but I still want to list out some of my goals for this month here on the blog just to clear my head of all the clutter it is holding. Even if no one reads this, I still feel a little more accountable knowing it's out there in the world.

*Side note: Apple Maps may not exactly be reliable, but would you have cool cornfield photos if you were routed to the right place? Nope. Score 1 point for Apple.

1. Take a class (In progress! Currently loving my Skillshare Illustrator Class. Learning so much)
2. List Bride Ideas Notepad in Shop and unveil on blog
3. Offer a giveaway
4. Start a free printables catalog
5. Finish out one unfinished Suite
6. Blog at least twice a week
7. Take a day trip
8. Put together my Christmas Dresser from last December! (wow, this has taken me forever...)
9. Post a recipe on the blog
10. Start on Christmas Present Project
11. Have at least one date night in/out a week


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