Shop Discount for Blog Readers! HOORAY!

In celebration of some new items in the shop (such as this adorably modern mint + gray set right here) I am offering 10% off all orders for Cooper Jane Design readers. This includes Digital AND Printed orders so go crazy, people! Use code: LOVECJD at checkout to receive the reader discount.

Side Note: this is the first set that I have created entirely in Illustrator! Eek, so proud of myself. I previously designed only in Photoshop and was completely stupefied by Illustrator. Although the program is similar to Photoshop, it felt like using my left hand to write. Completely awkward, unfamiliar, and just plain hard. I put it aside for a few months and then decided to conquer my fears and enroll in an online class. Love what I am learning and so excited to continue!


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