Weekend Day Trip

This past weekend was low key but so much fun. I hung out with my favorite person in the world for the entire weekend to celebrate the 8 year anniversary of our first date. Wowser that is a long time... we need to get on that baby bandwagon soon I think! So happy that 8 years ago, Stephen and his best friend called up my best friend on three-way to see if I would go out with him. Anywho, we decided on a day trip to Mineral Wells, TX to enjoy ourselves and explore the area. We didn't really have much in mind of what to do, but I kind of love that. First stop was a few antique shops along the main street, but man were they expensive. I don't do much antiquing, but my impression is they sell the exact same stuff I can find at goodwill or garage sales for 10x the price! That was a bust, but our next stop was the Mineral Wells Water Co. and that actually was pretty cool. The water company sells their special mineral water by the gallon and it was funny to see so many people coming to fill up their 5 gallon barrels to take home. Some were even driving as far as 2 hours away because of the health benefits! We did a taste testing and found that you can really tell the difference between regular water and mineral water (much more salty). 

I wasn't much into the water, but I did buy some Mineral Soap and Bath Salts to try out. They smelled divine... Lavender Oatmeal was my fav for sure. 

Since their water has a lot of health benefits and healing properties, you can even make an appointment to take a bath at the water company. For $28 you can bathe in all it's glory. 

We kind of exhausted all that Mineral Wells had to offer, so we drove a few minutes down the road to visit the World's Largest Cedar Rocking Chair. At 26 feet tall it was definitely big, but too bad they don't let you sit in them ;)

Last stop of the day was Bluff Dale Vineyards. Stephen and I love a good glass of wine, so we enjoyed the tasting and brought a bottle of wine home with us. Their Nexus Wine was my fav and actually won the Best Red Blend award at Grapefest for the past two years.

Such a good time to slow down and just enjoy eachother's company. It's our goal to keep making that a priority even though life can get kind of crazy. So lucky to be married to someone that I can't live without.


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