Hello Again!

Hello bloggers! I know it's been a long time since I last posted, but mostly because life has picked up and become crazy town busy. I've been to Birthday Dinners, Bridal Showers, Tailgates, Friend Lunches, Craft Nights, Family Hangs, and also managed to squeeze in a bit of time with the hubs. Oh and work too lol. (BTW if you don't follow me on Facebook, I've teamed up with Emmalinebride.com for a giveaway of my Modern Ombre Invitation Suite! Check out the feature here and enter for your chance to win a custom design!)

The breakfast in the pictures: yeah that was from our "brunch off" a couple of weekends ago. We're weird like that and hold two person cooking competitions in our house, complete with Top Chef phrases like "it's time to plate". Lol. My creation was a potato hash topped with a twist on migas: eggs, corn tortillas, onions, bacon, and jalapenos. His creation was an omelette with bacon, sausage, potato, and jalapenos... we both thought we won but unfortunately no judges in da house. Though I really did win from instagram photo votes ;)

The ruffle photo is my Christmas tree skirt that I started on LAST YEAR. Ay yi yi... that thing is a big pain in the butt, though I am determined to finish by this Christmas. Hopefully I'll get some in progress photos taken so that I can post a how-to on my blog! Basically you just cut long strips of fabric and hot glue them in a ruffled fasion to an existing cheap felt tree skirt. A big pain, but a really cute pain so it will be worth it! (That's what I keep telling myself...)

Hopefully my next post won't be three weeks away like this one was!!! Happy Hump Day!


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