Bump Ahead Photo Session

Hello loves! Hope you all had a great weekend! This past weekend was quite busy, but one of my favorite things I did was photograph my beautiful friend Lacy and her husband to capture her early stages of pregnancy.  I just love how the photos turned out, so here are a few of my favorites!

The bump ahead sign was found on the campus of our university and I think it will be so cute that she will be able to tell her son/daughter about that in the future. So crazy how things can change in just a few years!

The hubs and I also had a DIY date night on Friday, which was awesome btw. We walked through the aisles of Hobby Lobby together, picking out fabric and other items needed for various projects we (I) want to do soon. My kinda date fo sho. Then we went to kroger and found some wine and cheese to snack on while crafting. Oh man, we got this Merlot cheese that was insanely good. I wish I knew the name so I could yell you, but I don't. Sad day. I do know that they sell it at Kroger and the cheese is white, kind of hard, and has a purple rind (I'm guessing from the merlot??). If you see it GET IT. You can thank me later ;) Anyways, after a very long and tedious four and a half hours we had a gorgeous white and oak painted and stained dresser. I am so in love with this thing and actually re-decorated my entire office around it. Ha! Will definitely be posting pictures later this week!


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