Headed to Chi-Town

The hubs and I booked a spontaneous weekend trip to visit Chicago for the first time ever. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to EXPLORE. I think that is probably my favorite thing to do in the world... just go to a new place and see everything that I can see.

With some travel points we were able to get free flights and we also found a deal on hotwire.com for a four-star city center hotel: $84 a night people. We are most certainly not rich, so we can only afford to go for a couple of nights but you better believe I will be making the most of it!

So I'm going to let you in on a little travel secret. If you've never used hotwire.com before, they have a feature where you can purchase an unknown 1,2,3 or 4 star hotel for a set price. Hotwire shows how many stars the unknown hotel is and also the approximate location. (Both great pieces of info to know!) Since you can't tell the exact hotel you are purchasing, the rates are MUCH cheaper than they would normally be. After you purchase the unknown hotel, hotwire.com reveals where you get to stay.

We found a four star hotel in downtown Chicago listed for $84 a night, so we immediately jumped on that deal! After the reveal.... drumroll... we are staying at the super fancy W Hotel! Hit the jackpot this time! Just look at how beautiful the hotel is from these pictures...

Have you ever been to Chicago? I would love to hear your recommendations for things to do/ eat!!!!

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