After months and months of searching, Stephen and I have finally booked a Honeymoon!

It is a seven night cruise to Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel and leaves out of Galveston so we won't have to fly. At just a tad over $2,000 it definitely wasn't cheap, but it was probably the least expensive option we had considered.

It seems that all of the island resorts (Dominican Republic, St. Martin, Belize, etc..) are all fairly affordable to stay for about a week all inclusive. On average I would say they were about $700-$800 per person for a 5 night stay. Not bad right? Then you add in flights that were on average $800 per person and your $1600 deal goes to $3200 really fast.

Stephen and I think this will be such a great vacation. We will be able to visit multiple beautiful locations, not have to worry about hotel and food, and have numerous free entertainment options on board. Not to mention, there is a Casino...we both love to Gamble.

I am beyond excited and have tunnel vision right now looking forward to umbrella drinks and beautiful beaches.

Tell me, dear readers, have you booked your honeymoon yet? Where are you going?


  1. Sounds amazing!!!! We have not booked a honeymoon yet but we are also considering a cruise! I love the fact that no flights are needed and you go to multiple locations!! :)

  2. Good luck with your searching! It took us forever because we are both very indecisive people, but I'm glad that we waited until we found something we were both happy with.

    A few really great resources we used to look for our honeymoon were:

    Groupon Getaways

    Can't wait to relax and not stress over wedding details anymore!


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