Forced Relaxation

This weekend Stephen and I relaxed with some friends at the lake. It was so peaceful and just what I needed.

We brought our dog, Cooper, but ended up having to take him home and come back since he barks and tries to chase everything. He had a great time while he was there and I was able to relax after we dropped him off at home.

I say forced relaxation because I think I have been spreading myself a little bit too thin lately and realize I need to pull back on all of the projects I take on. I haven't had time to myself or even been able to tend to everyday tasks of cleaning, laundry, etc.. in a few weeks. On top of everything, I now need to focus my attention on the details of my big day. I am preparing to close down my Etsy shop for a little over a month (A wedding/ honeymoon break) and can't wait for a little down time. I hope with rest and relaxation I can come back with a renewed sense of direction and inspiration.

I will still be here on the blog, just will be mia in the etsy world for a little bit. Hope all of you are getting the rest and relaxation you need. I am realizing it really is necessary for a happy and healthy existence.


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