The Mr. and I are moving!

Normally I would not be too pumped about that statement... packing, unpacking, cleaning. Moving is probably my least favorite thing to do, and I've done it once a year now since college! That is 8 years straight of moving my things!

The reason I am so excited about thiiis time is because it is my first time moving into a house (and a gorgeous one too...)! Stephen and I had been contemplating whether or not we were ready to buy a house and ultimately decided that we should wait a couple more years so that we could do it right. BUT we did decide we were ready to leave apartment life, so we started the hunt for the perfect house to rent and came across this beauty.

Ready to see her insides?

The house is only a couple of years old and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a spacious backyard, which will be perfect for our pup to run around in, and a two car garage! Everything is just gorgeous... we decided we wanted this place literally within 5 minutes of seeing it. We put in our application the day we saw it and got the approval call last week! Stephen is so excited that it is only minutes from his school. (I don't know if I've told you that he is an elementary music teacher)

                                      {Master Bath}                                   {Living Room}  

                                         {Kitchen}                                          {Entryway}

                                         {Dining Room}

I can't wait to decorate this place!


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