DIY Giant Anthro-esque Snow Globe

So yesterday I was walking through Target on a lunch break and happened on this gorgeous one gallon Mason Jar. I had an internal argument with myself right there in the ailse. Shopaholic Ashley said, "Oooh so pretty! You love Mason Jars... and this one is Giant! $16... hmm... well with my 5% Target card wouldn't that only be like $15. Aaand you could make a Giant Anthro-esque Snow Globe that would look PERFECT on the mantle for Christmas." Sensible Ashley said, "Well, you already have $50 worth of Christmas stuff in the cart. You don't reeeally need this silly little (actually really big) jar. You have a husband now, think of what he would say if you walked in the door with 5 Target bags full of just Christmas stuff."

Well I am so glad Shopaholic Ashley won out because if not, I wouldn't have this beauty to have on display for Christmas for years to come. When I have children they will think their mom is so cool to have made this. Here is another shot farther back with some other items so you can get an idea of how big this thing actually is. It is huge and I love her.

Oh and it was also the easiest craft I have ever done. Step one: Buy Giant Mason Jar (Found in Target Kitchen Section) Check! Step two: Buy 5" Glittery Christmas Tree (Found in Target Christmas Section). Check! Step Three: Buy fake snow (also in Target Christmas Section). Check! Step Four: Put Christmas Tree and Snow in Jar. Check! Step Five: Add little bow with some twine I had lying around. Check! Most perfect Christmas Snow Globe ever: done.

It cost about $20 to make, but considering the small Anthro version sells for $40 I'll take my DIY version any day!


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