Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday Everybody! Hope your weekend was lovely.

Mine started out with a date on Friday night to the Fort Worth Food Truck Park with the Hubster. The grilled cheese truck had grilled Mac-N-Cheese and wow. It was insane. I got mine with jalapeno's and almost bacon (they were out!). I thought it would be too rich, but I was so wrong. I ate the whole dang thing and loved it. Stephen got a grilled brisket and cheese sandwich that was almost as equally amazing.

Saturday I went to a craft night at my lovely friend Rachael's church. They just started a monthly craft night for the ladies and this was my first time to attend. I had a wonderful time socializing with the ladies, getting to know new faces, and crafting away! This time the craft was clothespin wreath christmas card holders. So cute. I was most impressed with the bow they taught us to make. It was insanely easy. Like a two year old could probably make one. Can't wait for the next craft night!

Sunday I helped a friend set up all of the cuteness for her son Asher's Second Birthday Party. The little bag had a napkin, fork, ketchup packet, mustard packet, and paper straw. We had a bit of trouble finding anywhere that sold little ketchup and mustard packets and were in a panic. I called my Dad (he runs a concession business) and said "Dad! Quick! Where can I buy little Ketchup and Mustard packets?". He said "They sell them at Sam's club in boxes of 1000 for around $17". Thoughts in our heads... "Hmm... $35 for 2000 ketchup and mustard packets for 25 kids. That's not crazy, right???". My dad said, "Why don't you just buy the bottles? It's a lot cheaper". My response, "Dad, bottles are not cute. Duh.". Luckilly Jimmy John's gave us a big bag of Mustard packets for FREE and McDonald's sold us a big bag of Ketchup packets for $4! Cuteness achieved.


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