Wine and Design

So I love wine, but I usually stick exclusively to my trusty Chardonnay. Last night we were out of my usual, so I opened up a random bottle of red we had in our cabinet and wow. It. was. good. I think I picked this one up randomly because I thought the bottle was funny, but if you like sweet reds I HIGHLY recommend. But again, I emphasize, SWEET.

It got me in the mood to design a bit and I tweaked an existing design that I actually used for my own wedding reception. We had a guestbook canvas filled with hearts so I had a sign next to it that said "Fill our Hearts with Joy and Love - Please sign our Guestbook Canvas". It was a super cute way to get the point across so I decided to add the design to my shop for upcoming Brides-to-Be!

If you would like to purchase the sign for yourself or a friend, you can find it here!


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