The Simple Life and New Weekly Series

Happy Friday Lovelies! Hope you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

I have some exciting news to announce! I am starting a weekly series here on the blog whose topic will be advice from a bride on the other side (me). It's going to be called Marry Me Mondays and will begin this coming Monday, so stay tuned for some awesome matrimonial posts! For now, I'll just update you on what I've been up to lately. I know my posts have been few and far between but per my post yesterday I plan on changing that! 

Well, I have been drinking a lot of coffee at home courtesy of the keurig and designing when I can. Working on keeping design work during work hours! I have also been trying to relax more since I worked myself to the bone last year. Part of my relaxation prescription is a dose of real simple magazine. Sometimes I just need to feel paper in my hands and not look at a computer/ ipad/ phone. The hubster baked a cake the other night just for fun. I call it my love cake. Even though it was not made with any thought towards me at all. Ha. I also indulged in just a bit of retail therapy. My first Kate Spade and I LOVE it. I actually look forward to paying for things now... wink wink.


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