Marry Me Monday #11: Unique Theater Wedding Venue

Good Morning Lovelies and Happy Monday! If I hadn't told you yet, my father runs his own concession business and as a result he gets to serve food and drinks at some pretty amazing venues. I followed him along to an event he had this weekend so that I could snap a few pics of a place that was this close to being my wedding venue: The Stephen and Mary Birch Texas Theatre. The only reason we weren't able to have our wedding here was because we had too many people on our guest list. We had about 200 guests and I believe the maximum this venue could hold was 160. Even so, I am still so in love with it's vintage charm and wanted to give you brides out there some fresh inspiration!

Can you imagine the gorgeous bridal party photos that could happen here? Not to mention bride and groom photos! The theater also has neon lights that emphasize the TEXAS sign and look beautiful at nighttime.

Ticket to our wedding? Yes, please...I'll take two! Wouldn't it be fun to have a person in the ticket booth to greet your wedding guests? Or even a bartender that offered drinks upon entrance? 

The Theater is filled with gorgeous details in the architecture like this gold painted face. I am obsessed.

Oh my goodness, how I love the marquee sign atop the theater. When I was considering this for my wedding venue, I just kept thinking how wonderful to it would be to have "Stephen and Ashley, Together Forever" written in lights. I would have blown that photo up and plastered it everywhere!

There is a small lobby that opens into this gorgeous theater, which was set up for a play when I visited but can easily be replaced with tables and chairs (which the venue provides).  I could see an amazing old fashioned, 20's themed, big band,  black tie affair in a place like this. 

Finish the evening out by dancing under the stars! For more information on the Stephen and Mary Birch Texas Theater in Seguin, TX you can visit their website here or find them on Facebook here. Happy Planning!


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