Happy Monday Loves! I am so happy to feel a little normalcy in my life again after a crazy few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram (my favorite form of social media... Facebook is so yesterday) you've seen these pics, but if not, here is a little peek into my life. 

I've been steadily working on Cooper Jane throughout my traveling summer. It has been so nice to be able to take my laptop with me so that I don't have to shut down every time I'm not at home. Buying that laptop = best decision ever. Right now I'm working on another re-brand (hopefully my last!), packaging elements, and some fabulous freebies that I'll be giving away with my printed orders. I just love the finishing touches!

My birthday was last week and I celebrated by taking a trip home and spending a weekend with the hubs and the fam. It was so nice to relax with them and really take the time to appreciate what life is all about. It's not about the hustle and bustle, it's about the loved ones that make life special. Now I'm back home, feeling refreshed and recharged!

My boss asked me to design her daughter's birthday banner a couple of weeks ago and I love what we came up with! I'm so excited about this design, that I'm thinking about adapting it into "Bride" and "Groom" banners for the back of couple's reception chairs or even to hold for a cute photo op!

Throughout all of the craziness of summer, Stephen and I managed to take a little time out for ourselves to celebrate our one year anniversary. I so cannot believe it's been a year already, definitely the best year of my life yet! While we were in Ohio visiting his family, we took a mini-vacation to Buffalo for an overnight stay and visited the gorgeous Niagara Falls. Just wow. Insanely beautiful and awe inspiring. I definitely recommend taking the trip if you haven't been. My favorite part was the boat ride on the "Maid of the Mist". It takes you right up next to the falls and suddenly rainbows appear all around you. Definitely feels like a little slice of heaven. 

Had a wonderful summer but glad it is winding down so that I can get focused and get back to the work I love so much!


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