Stream of Thoughts

Hello Blog! Long time no see this week... here's what I've been up to instead of blogging:

1. Took my car into the shop for this weird and scary shaky thing. Eek I hope it's not bad!
2. Ate a cafeteria lunch with the hubs at his elementary school. The kids were ADORABLE and the chicken rings actually tasted pretty good!
3. Started a new invite design incorporating an Airstream of all things. Random, I know but I like!

1. Work, work, work
2. Stephen made some practice Chili for me and it was sooo good. I am envious of his skills. He is entering it in a chili cook-off this weekend so wish us luck!

1. More work
2. My friend Lizzie just got a job right next to mine and we had lunch at the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school! So excited to have friend lunches again!! We were looking forward to a gourmet lunch, but it was basically just slightly better than cafeteria food... Oh well you win some, you lose some!
3. Watched the first two episodes of Master Chef Jr. and I think that is the cutest show I have ever seen. Kids age 8-13 participate in a cooking competition and are actually crazy good. In one challenge they all had to make their own homemade pasta with no help from a recipe book! No way I could even do that now hahaha. Makes me excited to have children to help them foster a passion and find their way in life.

1. Hoping for a relaxing night in watching Grey's and Scandal with my love. No GTA 5 tonight babe, right??


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