A weekend filled with love

This past weekend Stephen and I attended the wedding of two amazing friends that was filled with love, friendship and happy tears. I am such a cry baby, but no way I could help it. During the ceremony, the couple read the most romantic letters to each other and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

The wedding was also filled with heartfelt and carefully thought out details. I think the powdered donuts were Stephen's favorite part of the wedding. Just look at that face ;) It was a daytime wedding so we were served a delicious brunch buffet after the ceremony and had mimosas (heck yes!) to toast the happy couple.

The cute little burlap favor bag was filled with the best smelling coffee ever. I am planning on putting my coffee beans in a vanilla candle so that my house smells like a vanilla latte. #excited. Underneath the bag was a list of all the best places around town to visit. This couple is seriously thoughtful!

After the wedding was over, I snagged some of the centerpiece flowers that were going to be tossed and am currently enjoying them in my office. Congratulation Joel and Anna, we had such a great time at the wedding and are so happy you get to spend the rest of your lives together!


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