Hello there blog world! Long time, no see! Today is my first full time day back at Cooper Jane since the holidays and I feel kind of all over the place. Hoping to focus my energies today to come up with some solid goals for 2014 and really explode this year.

As I reflect back on 2013, my first year as a business owner, I have nothing but pride for all that I've accomplished. Don't get me wrong, there were countless struggles and lots of self-doubt along the way, sometimes even making me consider closing up shop, but there were also wonderful highs and successes that completely outweigh the rest. My husband is a saint for agreeing to this stress in his life and not putting any kind of pressure on me at all to make money. He trusted my vision completely and for that I will forever be grateful.

One of the things I love about running a business is that it is all mine. The mistakes, the successes, the pitfalls and the glory. Figuring out the million things that don't work, though frustrating, is just as exciting to me as finding the one thing that does. I know that I have limitations in this field, but I have come to embrace that and enjoy using the resources I do have to create something beautiful. So incredibly grateful for everything this year has brought and can't wait to grow even more in 2014. Will be back in the coming weeks with some Lazy Girl DIYs, Thrift Store Before / Afters, and Ideas for Weddings on the Cheap!


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